These Are the Days of Our Lives

“These Are The Days Of Our Lives”

Sometimes I get to feeling
I was back in the old days long ago.
When we were kids, when we were young
Things seemed so perfect. You know?

The days were endless, we were crazy, we were young.
The sun was always shining. We just lived for fun.

Sometimes it seems like lately.
I just don’t know.
The rest of my life’s been just a show.

Those were the days of our lives.
The bad things in life were so few.
Those days are all gone now,
But one thing is true
When I look and I find I still love you.

You can’t turn back the clock,
You can’t turn back the tide.
Ain’t that a shame?
I’d like to go back one time on a roller-coaster ride
When life was just a game.

No use sitting and thinking on what you did
When you can lay back and enjoy it through your kids.

Sometimes it seems like lately.
I just don’t know
Better sit back and go with the flow

‘Cause these are the days of our lives.
They’ve flown in the swiftness of time.
These days are all gone now,
But some things remain
When I look and I find no change.

Those were the days of our lives.
The bad things in life were so few.
Those days are all gone now,
But one thing’s still true
When I look and I find I still love you.

I still love you.

Father’s Day Gift-Mavic Air 2 The Best Drone for Dad

On the off chance that your father is an innovation darling and has flown drones previously, give him a marvelous blessing this present dad’s day with the Outlaw SE drone. This GPS drone makes them intrigue and propelled highlights that Dad will love to give it a shot.

To start with, it’s great 1080p camera will catch the most astonishing aeronautical photographs and recordings that the entire family can appreciate viewing.

The Outlaw SE likewise has follow-me mode which is very energizing. With this Dad can stroll around on the ground and the Outlaw SE’s GPS highlights will follow Dad any place he goes.

Other incredible highlights, for example, height hold and one-contact departure and arriving, in addition to the way that it costs under $800 make it an ideal Father’s Day present.

Nikola Tesla Biography

The talented and gifted innovator Nicola Tesla delivered the primary motor that ran proficiently on a rotating current, tried different things with X-beams, and showed a radio-controlled vessel. During his life, he held around 300 licenses, yet wound up basically destitute.


Tesla asserted he had a photographic memory and that a considerable lot of his thoughts came to him completely formed. However, he was not a clever businessman. In the wake of moving to New York City, Thomas Edison employed the youthful Tesla, and offered to pay him $50,000 for an improved structure of an engine. At the point when Tesla introduced an answer and requested the money, Edison answered that he was just kidding.

Drones for Kids – The Best Gift for Your Child

Open Your Sky. The conservative yet incredible Mavic Mini is the ideal imaginative friend, catching your minutes in a way that easily raises the normal. Along with the simple to-utilize DJI Fly application, you’ll appreciate a rearranged flying encounter and a point of view not at all like some other.

Drones have become a well known present for kids and in light of current circumstances. Drones can give unlimited long periods of flying fun and an approach to extend information from dexterity to Science Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) aptitudes.

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Early Metal Tools

By around 3500 bce, people in Europe, Asia, and Africa were using metal. Metal could be used to make many things, including weapons, armor, agricultural equipment, jewelry, nails, and cooking pots.

Early Stone Age Tools

The Early Stone Age began with the most basic stone implements made by early humans. These Old town tool kits include hammer stones, stone cores, and sharp stone flakes. By about 1.76 million years ago, early humans began to make Acheulean hand axes and other large cutting tools.

WORLD’S BIGGEST MIRROR-Uyuni Salt Flats, Bolivia


Salar de Uyuni (or Salar de Tunupa) is the world’s largest salt flat, or playa, at over 10,000 square kilometres (3,900 sq mi) in area. It is in the Daniel Campos Province in Potosí in southwest Bolivia, near the crest of the Andes at an elevation of 3,656 meters (11,995 ft) above sea level.

Top 7 Inventions Of Leonardo da Vinci

Leonardo da Vinci was one of the most prolific inventors of all time! Some of Leonardo da Vinci’s inventions that are most well known are Leonardo da Vinci’s flying machine invention, Leonardo da Vinci’s robot knight invention, Leonardo da Vinci’s machine gun invention, Leonardo da Vinci’s parachute invention, Leonardo da Vinci’s armored tank invention, Leonardo da Vinci’s diving suit invention, and Leonardo da Vinci’s self-propelled cart invention. Most of these inventions by Leonardo da Vinci are precursors to inventions that we benefit from today. Da Vinci’s flying machine invention was a precursor to the modern plane.

Inventions Leonardo Da Vinci – pop up models from the drawings of Leonardo Da Vinci

US travel magazine lists Pakistan as top tourist destination for 2020

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Pakistan has more peaks taller than 22,965ft, making it an almost magnetic spot for adventure travelers and hikers.

The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf government’s efforts to promote tourism promotion have started yielding results as Traveler by Coned Nast, one of the world’s best travel portals, has listed Pakistan as one of the top tourist destinations for 2020.

Outlining the adventure tourism potential in the US travel magazine lists Pakistan as top tourist destination for 2020country, the magazine wrote: “Pakistan has more peaks taller than 22,965ft than China and Nepal combined, making it an almost magnetic spot for adventure travelers and intrepid hikers.”

“Visitors can follow in Michael Palin’s steps while traversing the 12,250ft Shandur Pass, home to the world’s highest polo field, or meet with the Kalash people of the Hindu Kush, famed for their cowrie-shell headdresses and brighter-than-bright embroidery,” it noted.

The magazine also mentioned the recent visit of Britain’s Duke…

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Short Lunch Atop a Skyscraper-Watch the 100 Photos Documentary

It’s the most perilous yet playful lunch break ever captured: 11 men casually eating, chatting and sneaking a smoke as if they weren’t 840 feet above Manhattan with nothing but a thin beam keeping them aloft. That comfort is real; the men are among the construction workers who helped build Rockefeller Center. But the picture, taken on the 69th floor of the flagship RCA Building (now the GE Building), was staged as part of a promotional campaign for the massive skyscraper complex. While the photographer and the identities of most of the subjects remain a mystery—the photographers Charles C. Ebbets, Thomas Kelley and William Leftwich were all present that day, and it’s not known which one took it—there isn’t an ironworker in New York City who doesn’t see the picture as a badge of their bold tribe. In that way they are not alone. By thumbing its nose at both danger and the Depression, Lunch Atop a Skyscraper came to symbolize American resilience and ambition at a time when both were desperately needed. It has since become an iconic emblem of the city in which it was taken, affirming the romantic belief that New York is a place unafraid to tackle projects that would cow less brazen cities. And like all symbols in a city built on hustle, Lunch Atop a Skyscraper has spawned its own economy. It is the Corbis photo agency’s most reproduced image. And good luck walking through Times Square without someone hawking it on a mug, magnet or T-shirt.

One of the three photographers who documented the construction of Rockefeller
Center and the now-iconic Lunch Atop a Skyscraper

When Will COVID-19 End Data-Driven Estimation of End Dates (as of April 25, 2020, daily updated)

When Will COVID-19 End Data-Driven Estimation of End Dates (as of April 25, 2020, daily updated)

SIR (susceptible-infected-recovered) model is regressed with data from different countries to estimate the pandemic life cycle curves and predict when the pandemic might end in respective countries and the world, with codes from Milan Batista and data from Our World in Data. Theory and methodology are described in “Luo, Jianxi (2020) When Will COVID-19 End? Data-Driven Prediction.” This web page lists the predictions for 28 countries. Predictions of 131 countries can be downloaded here (for figures) and here (for alternative end date estimations).

*Disclaimer: content from this website is strictly only for educational and research purposes and may contain errors.

Online Jobs – Earn Money $$ on Fiverr With Your Skills

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With your brilliant skills, like Graphics Designing, Data Entry, Content Writing, Digital Marketing, and many more to provide the services online you can work remotely and can make money on Fiverr. Your earning potential is countless with your efforts and dedications . Being anywhere in the world & travelling as well. You can put your skills for providing services and jobs & get paid .

These are the categories of skills you can earn on

You can earn way more than five dollars a job withFiverr. Some freelancers are getting paid hundreds and even thousands of dollars. As you can see, Fiverr’s ignominious five-dollar reputation is thankfully long gone.

Listen to digital roamers, travelers, and job seekers. Fiverr is a great way to utilize & polish…

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