Car That Has Its Own Drone

Flying cars might still be a way off, but Renault has announced the next best thing — a car that has its own drone.

You launch the quadrocopter and then control it through either a tablet PC built into the Renault Kwid’s dashboard, or by setting GPS waypoints. It can then tell you about forthcoming obstacles in the road, show you pictures of what’s up ahead so you can gauge the traffic, or just video you as you drive, if you want your own Top Gear-style video package of you nipping to the shops.

The front seat can accommodate three people, with the driver sitting in the middle, strangely. Apparently the inside was inspired by a bird’s nest. Makes you wonder about these designer types doesn’t it.

The Kwid is just a concept at the moment, so there’s no telling if we’ll ever see it hit the road. If you see a horde of drones hovering over the next traffic jam you’re in, you’ll know that Renault has probably put it into production. Either that, or someone’s ordered a lot of packages from Amazon.

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