This device will catch Dubai drivers who don’t stop for pedestrians

Dubai: Dubai Police has unveiled its first smart device to catch reckless drivers who fail to give way to pedestrians at road crossings, an official said.

Brigadier Saif Muhair Al Mazroui, Director of Traffic Department at Dubai Police, said that the move aims to control vehicles that do not give priority to pedestrians.

“The device uses solar panels and has sensors to identify a pedestrian’s movement on the side of the road to catch the violated vehicles,” said Brig Al Mazroui.

He pointed out that the device will have a red signal to warn drivers to stop and give priority to pedestrians but drivers who do not stop will be recorded and send clips to the violations system via 4G technology.

According to UAE traffic law, drivers who don’t give priority to people in the places designated for pedestrian crossings will be fined Dh500 plus six traffic points.

“The device will raise the level of traffic safety in the emirate and reduce vehicles’ speed and run-over incidents near pedestrian crossing areas,” Brig Al Mazroui added.

He called upon drivers to give priority to pedestrian areas and reduce speed near those areas, especially near densely populated industrial places and markets.

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