CORONA (COVID-19) In Kuwait

Dear All in Kuwait,

As you may have heard there has been confirmed news of the coronavirus COVID-19 in Kuwait with 3 confirmed cases incoming from Iran. The Al-Koot Hotel in Mangaf has been quarantined by special forces and on lock down for a minimum of 2 weeks.

Since we have a number of visitors at any given time it is important that we follow a protocol to prevent and protect ourselves.

Arriving guests:

  1. Speak to them of the current situation in Kuwait so they are aware
  2. Ask about their travel history in the recent past
  3. Anyone with any signs of any illness or common cold, slight temperature should avoid visiting as they could be quarantined at the airport.

General Cautions to be adhered to in office and by staff:

  1. Minimize exposure to busy places and avoid close contact with people and public assemblies
  2. Avoid Mangaf / Fahaheel area
  3. Use hand sanitizer frequently, especially after exposure to public places, washing hands, for minimum 20 seconds, frequently is also recommended
  4. Although the face mask has been said not to be effective, it could possibly help so it is recommended
  5. Avoid touching the mouth area with hands
  6. Visit the nearest physician in case of doubt of any flu symptoms
  7. Kuwait hotline numbers in case you need advice or report anything on COVID-19

For reference from Ministry of Health, I recommend that everyone read:

Since we are embarking on the national holidays and generally places will be congested i urge everyone to follow the above. I wish you all a safe holiday.

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